Cafe: Green Rice at Sqrl in Los Angeles

I don’t like queuing for food, I hate waiting for longer than it takes to eat the stuff, but I waited with my sister outside Sqirl on Virgil Avenue in Los Angeles for about 20 minutes and it was absolutely worth it for the sensational Sorrel Pesto Rice served up for breakfast: a bowl of green spicy rice, with a poached egg, and very thin slice of a large crispy white radish.There were tiny chunks of preserved lemon stirred through the rice which gave it a lovely bitterness.


We also had delicious avocado toast: much more interesting than the usual plain avocado on bread, the toasted sourdough spread with very light creme fraiche mixed with garlic, a thick layer of avocado and slices of pickled carrots.

Lots of people were tucking into terrifyingly massive slabs of “brioche toast”, piled with ricotta and jam. The chef Jessica Koslow started by making jam before she set up Sqrl, ad they sell it in fancy jars with interesting combinations like blackberry with lemon or raspberry and thyme. The cakes also look fantastic. I will be going back, despite the queuing, to eat my way through the rest of the menu.