Previous Feast of Reason speakers

We have had many wonderful speakers at The Feast of Reason over the years. Please get in touch if you would like to do a talk or to suggest someone as a speaker.


Ned Beauman speaking at the 20th Feast of Reason

At the 1st Feast of Reason on 12th November 2010: writer and philosopher Andy Day on his play about Nietzsche’s Nazi sister and her dream of creating an Aryan community in South America, and artist/filmmaker Chloe Ruthven who spent a summer following in the footsteps of her aristocratic grandparents who dedicated their lives to working with Palestinian refugees. Singer Jo Wallfisch sang for us.

At the 2nd Feast of Reason on 28th January 2011: cosmologist Andrew Jaffe on the history and evolution of the Universe using microwave radiation from the Big Bang, and surgeon and writer Gabriel Weston on her book Direct Red.

At the 3rd Feast of Reason on 25th February 2011: writer Tom Holland on In the Shadow of the Sword, the book he has just finished writing which delves into the origins of Islam and the end of the ancient world, and actor and wine expert Richard Avery. Following in the footsteps of his ancestors, who founded the family business in 1793, Richard has not only wine but piracy in the blood. Olivia Chaney sang for us.

At the 4th Feast of Reason on 1st April 201: writer Alex Bellos on his book Alex’s Adventures in Numberland and artist Eleanor Morgan on humans and spiders. Her work explores the material and mythical entanglements between humans and spiders. Mary Morris sang for us, accompanied by Moss Freed.

At the 5th Feast of Reason on 6th May 2011: presenter and psychotherapist Alistair Appleton on the hallucinogenic drug ayahuasca, writer Celia Robinson on her book ‘Who Was Sophie’ about her grandmother, poet and bag lady and cellist Laura Moody.

At the 6th Feast of Reason on 14th October 2011: Robyn Scott, social entrepreneur and writer, about maximum prisoners who have adopted orphans in South Africa, and Ned Boulting, sports journalist, on the Tour de France.

At the 7th Feast of Reason on 12th November 2011: Benjamin Chesterton, photo documentary maker, on trying to tell the truth and Ian Leslie, writer,on lying and in particular the strange history of the polygraph.

At the 8th Feast of Reason on 2nd December 2011: James Purnell, Labour politician, on Keir Hardie, and Matthew Truscott, leader of the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, talking about and playing his violin.

At the 9th Feast of Reason on 25th January 2012 for Burns Night: writer and actor Ben MoorJoe Berger&Pascal Wyse, of Berger&Wyse, discussing how to make a cartoon. Alasdair Beatson addressed the haggis.

At the 10th Feast of Reason on 18th May 2012: Marie Phillips telling us a story and photographer Nic Dunlop on his work in Burma.

At the 11th Feast of Reason on 6th July 2012: John van Reenen asking “Is European capitalism doomed?” and screenwriter Rachel Bennette on her love of moths.

At the 12th Feast of Reason on 10th August 2012 at the Food Art Talk pop-up cafe in Soho: Andrew Jaffe about life on Mars and Mary Morris singing, accompanied by Moss Freed on the guitar.

At the 13th Feast of Reason on 31st August 2012:  Alex McBride, barrister, on Bow Street Magistrates Court and Noel ‘Razor’ Smith, reformed armed robber, on life in and out of prison.

At the 14th Feast of Reason on 28th September 2012: Ned Boulting, sports reporter for ITV and author of How I Won The Yellow Jumper, on cycling, and Sandy Burnett, broadcaster and musician, on Beethoven.

At the 15th Feast of Reason on 30th November 2012: writer Meg Rosoff, on finding a voice for writing and living, and writer and historian Will Palin, on the lost squares of Stepney.

At the 16th Feast of Reason on 8th March 2013: writer and historian Wade Graham, on dreaming cities from the Socialist League to Orange County, China, and journalist Rowan Pelling, on the sex life of Middle England.

At the 17th Feast of Reason on 12th July 2013: writer Damian Barr on memoir and journalist Victoria Moore on wine tasting myths.

At the 18th Feast of Reason on 29th November 2013: David Sommer on the history of cocktails and demonstrating making the perfect Old-Fashioned, Larissa Murray singing with Will Grove-White on the ukulele, and Poppy Miller reading poems.

At the 19th Feast of Reason on 21st March 2014: writer Christopher Woodward on the history of nostalgia and journalist Sophie Dening on food.

At the 20th Feast of Reason on 9th May 2014: novelist Ned Beauman on food in sieges, and and comedy producer Izzy Mant on what makes us laugh.

At the 21st Feast of Reason on 17th October 2014: Angus Denoon, film-maker and cook, brought the Everybody Love Love Jhal Muri Express to Olivia’s kitchen.

At the 22nd Feast of Reason on 5th December 2014: Andy Skinnard on cycling and philosophy, and Jean Smith on the science of flirting.

At the 23rd Feast of Reason on 6th February 2015: Ingrid Wassenaar on housework and Cyril Perez on negotiating.

At the 24th Feast of Reason on 13th November 2015: Ahmed Masoud on Palestine and Fenella Barber on China.