Congratulations for organising a tremendous week and providing the most delicious picnics. Thanks to Sandy for his insights into the music. It would have been a pleasure to have seen the Opera North ‘Ring’ on its own, but the addition of expert information, good food and company made for a real joy.” NE, Feast Trip to the Ring Cycle

What a brilliant week! Thank you so much for thinking of it, organising and creating the feast. It was such a wonderful experience. A triumph. ” CC, Feast Trip to the Ring Cycle

“Thank you for another terrific Feast of Reason evening…  I had such a lovely time – the speakers were both so interesting, the dinner was really delicious and there were lots of very nice people to meet.” KR, 25th Feast

“It was a very, very good night in many ways. The welcome is warm, the mojitos are strong, the guests are expectant, the speakers are erudite and engaging, the food is delicious and happy-making. And the hostesses are beautiful and gracious.” AB, 25th Feast of Reason, May 2016

“A big thank you for organising too! Delicious food, great company and fabulous talks- loved it!” EP, 24th Feast of Reason, November 2015

“Great evening ! Many thanks for hosting it.. the food was especially good.” JS, 24th Feast of Reason, November 2015

“Just wanted to say thank you for the Feast yesterday. I enjoyed the speakers, and the informative, entertaining discussions with the other guests during the meal.” PW, 24th Feast of Reason, November 2015

“Thanks for another lovely evening. The talks were great – I have found myself discussing them on several occasions. The food was superb as ever – a wonderful blend of homely tradition and inventiveness.” PG, 22nd Feast of Reason, December 2014

“I really enjoyed it..good people, good talks, good food..” TG, 22nd Feast of Reason, December 2014

“I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for organising the event yesterday.  Interesting speakers, fine food, and great conversation from such a diverse group of people.  I really enjoyed it!” PE, 22nd Feast of Reason, December 2014

“Thank you very much for organised such a lovely evening last night great food and great company. Please pass on my thanks to Angus too as the food was delicious.” CR, 21st Feast of Reason, October 2014

“Thanks for organising such a wonderful evening… I thoroughly enjoyed Angus’s talk and incredible food.” SC, 21st Feast of Reason, October 2014

“Thanks so much for such a fabulous evening on Friday, I really enjoyed it. Angus was fascinating and he and his team produced such delicious food, I wish I could have eaten more! A very interesting bunch of people there too.” VM, 21st Feast of Reason, October 2014

“Thanks so much for a brilliant evening last Friday. Two great speakers and a fabulous meal.” PP, 20th Feast of Reason, May 2014

“That was such a good evening last week. Delicious and inspiring company!” JB, 20th Feast of Reason, May 2014

“Thank you – I had a really very lovely and interesting time! Delicious food and fine company.” DA, 20th Feast of Reason, May 2014

“I loved Friday evening, it was all so beautifully executed, impressively delicious, and fun. I particularly enjoyed Ned’s wonderfully quirky talk.” LG, 20th Feast of Reason, May 2014

“Thanks so much again for a great evening.. Really interesting speakers, delicious food and lovely company.” KR, 20th Feast of Reason, May 2014

“Thanks for last night ; I had a lot of interesting chats with people; you’ve created a very successful supper club – bravo.” DA, 20th Feast of Reason, May 2014

“..thank you for your delicious food and remarkable hospitality!” CVU, 20th Feast of Reason, May 2014

“Sorry to take so long to write and thank you for a really special evening. Such fun. Met some really nice people, learnt stuff, eat well. Perfect.” ZB,  19th Feast of Reason

“I was just about to write to say thanks to you, too, for a really lovely evening last Friday! It was fun and interesting, and dinner was absolutely delicious. So nice to meet new people, and very nice also to recognise the occasional face from before.” KR, 19th Feast of Reason

“Thank you so much for a wonderful evening. The talks were interesting and the food delicious, especially the chocolate gluten free pudding!” AS, 19th Feast of Reason

“Just wanted to say a massive thank you for last night. It was such a warm/interesting/memorable evening.” EF, 18th Feast of Reason, November 2013

“OMG what a wonderful evening!” SK, 18th Feast of Reason, November 2013

“What a charming and interesting group of lovely people! I had some fascinating chats tonight.” DB, 17th Feast of Reason

“Loved it! Will be back!!” MR, 16th Feast of Reason

“..thank you for yet another exquisite feast!! and remarkably fun speakers.” SM, 16th Feast of Reason

“What a memorable evening!! Thank you so much.” EF, 16th Feast of Reason

“Thank you, I had such a wonderful night!” LL, 16th Feast of Reason

“Thank you Olivia, that was a lot of fun.” LS, 16th Feast of Reason

“Thank you for a fantastic evening on Friday – stimulating to palate and mind.” PJ, 16th Feast of Reason

“Thank you so much for last weekend’s Feast of Reason. J and I loved it and feel very lucky to have made such a discovery!.. DELICIOUS food.” IA, 15th Feast of Reason

“Thank you so much for Friday! I had such a wonderful time! Incredible food, great company and such fascinating talks. Thank you so much! And what wonderful food – it really was a feast. Thank you! I would love to come to the next one.” KW, 14th Feast of Reason

“Thanks Liv. Great night.” AD, 13th Feast of Reason

“It was AMAZING!! THANK YOU 100 times.” ED, 12th Feast of Reason

“Thanks again to you and the others helping on Friday. What a great evening, left feeling replenished from the delicious/healthy food and company and with a few little moth-related nuggets of wisdom I won’t forget in a while.” CH, 11th Feast of Reason

“Thank YOU for a wonderful night! It was so much fun and the feast was uber-delish.” RB, 11th Feast of Reason

“Thank you for a grand time again as usual!” SM, 11th Feast of Reason

“Thank you for a brilliant and delicious evening – that rice pud was the best ever and both speakers wonderful.” VL, 10th Feast of Reason

“It was lovely to meet you and thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful evening – I loved every bit of it – the speakers, your house, the food! I would love to come again another time.” KS, 10th Feast of Reason

“Delicious food and a really friendly group of people, most people didn’t seem to know each other and it was a great atmosphere.” PB, 10th Feast of Reason

“It was a really fun evening. Thank you for asking us! Really good atmosphere to the whole thing. I really enjoyed the food, too.” PW, 9th Feast of Reason

“Thank you for the great food and the interesting speakers at your event last night. I really had a fab time!! I will highly recommend your “Feast of Reason” and definitely want come again.” HS, 9th Feast of Reason

“A HUGE thank you to you..and your team for last night. It was so fun, refreshing and stimulating. I really loved it. I loved it all – the talks were quirky and really made me think; your food was (as ever) amazing; the booze was delicious .. I thought the decibel level by the end of dinner was the best proof of how much fun and chat everyone was having.” RS, 9th Feast of Reason

“Great haggis and poetry.” MH, 9th Feast of Reason

“Thank you for a really wonderful evening yesterday. I had a great time, met some lovely people and savoured the feast you cooked for us. You have converted me to scotch eggs! I’m looking forward to the next one.” AH, 9th Feast of Reason

“What a brilliant evening – really I can’t add any more – talks interesting, food out of this world.. ” AR, 9th Feast of Reason

“..thank you for a wonderful evening on Wednesday. So much fun was had. Lovely people, great food, excellent all round!” BM, 9th Feast of Reason

“Thanks for Friday night: an excellent evening.” RT, 7th Feast of Reason

“Thank you so much for last weekend’s Feast of Reason. J and I loved it and feel very lucky to have made such a discovery!” IR, 7th Feast of Reason

“Thank you! it was fab – had a very enjoyable evening, and talked more than I have for a very long time! Loved the roast beef!” LJ, 6th Feast of Reason

“Super wonderful, great fun and thanks again, I really loved every aspect of it, it was a superb salon.” LH, 5th Feast of Reason

“Thanks for an AMAZING evening. Delightful, unexpected and great fun.” RS, 5th Feast of Reason

“I just wanted to thank you so much for Friday. I had SUCH a good time, and the food was absolutely delicious.” CM, 4th Feast of Reason

“What a great evening. Thank you. It was very special. The food was – of course – delicious, and the company excellent. I loved the talks, and Fiona’s singing really made the entertainment for me, combined with the detail and intensity of Gabriel and Andrew. Listening to the three of them was like having an existential quiz: which one of these 3 amazing people do you wish you could be? Which obsession would you most enjoy having? Or maybe you’d like to be one of the amazing people behind the curtain in the kitchen..? It was all very inspiring and it was a shock to realise it was 1am, with conversation still flowing, wine and brownies on the go, and an armchair quietly smoking in the garden.” PM, 2nd Feast of Reason

“Wanted to thank you for a really lovely eve! And I really appreciate your care with my dietary issues!” BS, 2nd Feast of Reason

“I loved the evening. It was very stimulating listening to the speakers and having a chance to ask them questions afterwards. My head still struggles to get around cosmology matters such as what is the universe and what is infinity but it was wonderful to be able to ask a real live person about it! I bought Gabriel’s book, “Direct Red”, and recommend it highly. The singing was wonderful and then we all went upstairs to eat and chat. A superb night.” TS, 2nd Feast of Reason

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed last night. I loved your idea, the mix of speakers and music was just right, and the candlelit supper most delicious. The whole evening was great fun and I even met some new people!” SS, 1st Feast of Reason


with Sandy Burnett of Classic Discovery

“Lovely pictures and a fantastic day out. Thanks Livy for making such a delicious picnic!” MH, Glyndebourne Trip, August 2015

“That was brill! Thanks Sandy, thanks Olivia.” PF, Wigmore Hall, 2014

“Another lovely evening. Thank you.” GM, Wigmore Hall, 2014

“Thank you and Sandy so much for such a fantastic evening.  It was truly wonderful to sing and chat to so many friendly souls and the food was to die for.” AR, Carol Singing Supper, December 2013

“Thank you Livy and Sandy and all. It was a top evening, even if my top notes were not quite what they could have been…” RS, Carol Singing Supper, December 2013

“Thank you so much for Monday! As usual it was lovely.” VL, Carol Singing Supper, December 2013

“Thank you very much for a lovely evening, you are very kind to open up your house to us all.” KG, Carol Singing Supper, December 2013


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