What is The Feast of Reason?



In 2010 Olivia Lacey and Aimee Shalan started The Feast of Reason at Olivia’s house in Brixton, south London. The idea was to put on a supper club with the addition of two interesting speakers who tell their stories. The evening is a mixture of literary salon, pop-up restaurant, and a night of delicious food and wine, all in one evening, as well as being a great way to meet new people.

It proved to be extremely popular and Olivia started organising other events like  short music courses, theatre trips and holidays for small groups, generally with a food theme.

Feast of Reason final line revised_small

We are extremely keen on eating and cooking. Almost all of our events involve a meal, and some are specifically about food. Recommendations for good restaurants form part of our holiday background information, and we can make restaurant bookings, arrange cooking lessons, or put you in touch with other greedy people where you’re going.

Olivia has worked as a travel planner and event organiser since 2002. Email her on Olivia@thefeastofreason.com to find out more about Feast of Reason group and tailor-made holidays, book for a Feast of Reason event or to go on the mailing list.


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